Tubik Studio – Ukraine

Today we head over to Ukraine to take a look in to the close-knit family that makes up Tubik Studio – a cool bunch of guys and girls (and a Dachshund!) who create some very impressive looking material – from responsive web designs to pixel-perfect mobile UI/UX. I’m a big fan of teams that can have a really laid back and friendly atmosphere to their work schedule, but still put out beautiful pieces of work.

Who are you, what do you do and where are you based?
We are Tubik Studio, a design studio based in Dnipropetrovsk, a big industrial city in Ukraine – one of the most troubled countries right now. Though it is sometimes rather hard to live and keep up the progress over here, we try to find the inspiration in tough times and convert all the misfortunes into creativity.


How many people make up Tubik Studio?
We are a small, family-type studio, and our small numbers are something very dear to us. We are 14 designers, and 5 guys in the management team. And a dog, of course – Tubik the Dachshund, our studio mascot.


What’s your office layout like?
Our office is located in the historical centre of the city, on the top floor of an old brick building, dating back to the beginning of the XX century. Just take a look at it! It’s a cool place to work in, very cosy, no business-centre rush.


Are you more of a casual bunch, or more of a clock in at 9-5 outfit?
We are definitely very casual, we love our fun socks and slippers, soft bean-chairs, burger Fridays and table football!


Who has the coolest desk in the office?
Our art-director and the founder of the studio Sergey Valiukh does for sure – here it is, very slick and perfectly neat, with all the pencils aligned and sketchbooks in perfectly stacked.


What’s the most important thing in a workspace?
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What’s the work/play balance like in your place?
We don’t have strict rules here, everyone comes to the office by 10:30 usually, and you can have a lunch break whenever you feel like doing so. Closer to the end of the working day, we love to have a break and to play some table football – we even have our own office league and a couple of first-class players here. Sometimes on Friday nights we
run Counter-Strike tournaments. We also have language-learning lessons twice a week in the studio and this is also kind of a relaxation and a change of activity for everyone attending. And several times a week we throw a studio lecture on the current projects or issues to discuss everything with the whole team. It’s a good way to finish a working


I notice your site has MacBooks and Windows setups – is there any typical Mac/Windows rivalry?
Oh no, these transfers happen very gradually here and go both ways. Like we said before, you need to love the tool for how it lets you do your work, not for the brand. We are growing rapidly and the setups we put together were the easiest we could get at that point, that’s all.


If your team could change one aspect of your office, what would it be?
We would love to have a cat! For a range of resons we cannot have one at the office at the moment, and that would be so adorable!

Cats make everything better, UI/UX design is not an exception 🙂




Thanks to the bunch at Tubik Studio for taking time of their very busy schedule to share some answers and photos. As a lover of Counter-Strike, an owner of a Dachshund, Mac user and foosball lover – I’m very envious of their studio!

You can check out their site here or take a look at their awesome Dribbble posts.