Fred AKA Beasty – France

I first spotted Beasty’s setup on this Dribbble post during my routinely scroll through the most popular posts of the day. As someone that used to be a carpenter, I’m a sucker for a big solid wooden desk, this post instantly captured my attention. Once captured, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of devices at the owners disposal and I decided this would be an ideal candidate for Desk Inspire.

Tell us a little about yourself
Hi, I’m Fred AKA Beasty. I’m a UI/UX designer and I design apps and websites.

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Currently I live in the South of France with my wife and my two daughters.

How did you get that cool iOS-like wallpaper on your iMac?
This is a screen saver I got from // .. pretty cool!

That’s a lot of tech, which devices are you currently using day-to-day?
I’m currently using an iMac 27″, 3.4GHz with 32GB RAM and a MacBook Pro retina 13″. I also use for sure my iPhone 6 and iPad mini.

How much time do you spend at your desk?
Actually I must admit – a bunch of time. I start working at 8am and I stop at lunch to go to the gym, then I continue from 2pm until 9pm and sometimes even later. I have got my own projects and another one still secret with my team 🙂

What’s your favourite thing in your workspace?
I would say my triangle speakers, because without music my day would not be the same, but to be honest the thing I actually love is my daughter Mayra hiding herself under the desk and painting or drawing whilst I am working.


Oh, I forget – one of the best things in our work, I mean freelance, is that sometimes you can have that desk: sea view of Spanish coast with the smell, lemonade and the sound of my daughters playing in the sand.

Awesome desk, where did you find it?
Nothing really exotic, this is a raw Ikea wood desk (Editor: raw wood is definitely in!), but I travel a lot so my view is changing a lot…


What’s the most important thing to you in a home office?
There is a lot of really important things in an office… a window, my Les Paul (Editor: my office has a Stratocaster, but I’ll let you off), and a punching bag to take off stress haha.

I see you do a lot of mobile design and have a lot of devices, do you prefer to physically test your designs?
I think designing is the greatest thing in our work but to make things actually happen is really important too. As a UX designer, testing my product on real device helps me to see if it works. I think both are necessary to create viable interfaces.


I noticed your cool speakers, what are you listening to mostly whilst designing?
These are triangle speakers. Actually I’m listening to Royal Blood, two crazy english guys that rock! I love Aesop Rock. I’m not into quiet music, I like it when it gives you energy! I just ordered the new Devialet Phantom and I think it’s going to be huge in some days! My neighbours gonna appreciate it a lot, haha.


Thanks to Beasty for giving up some of his time to donate some photos and words. It’s always interesting to see how others work, although seeing the view of the beach does make me quite envious! You can check out some of his awesome mobile design work on his Dribbble, or on his equally cool portfolio.